JREFU Hotel Management & Consulting Co., Ltd Cookie Policy

1.About this Cookie Policy

(1)General provisions

JREFU Hotel Management & Consulting Co., Ltd (hereinafter, the “Company”) uses Cookies to provide security and increase convenience pertaining to the operation of this website (hereinafter, the “Website”). Cookie information is used primarily to maintain the Website user’s (hereinafter, the “User”) login information, track browsing records for cart information, and to improve the Website convenience. Please enable Cookies on your browser when you use the Website.

Please note in advance that some websites or services may not function properly, if Cookies are disabled. More on the types of Cookies used in this Website and settings for Cookies are included in this Cookie Policy.

(2)Relationship with the privacy policy

The Company has separately established a privacy policy on the handling of personal information. For details, please refer to the「Privacy Policy」 of the Website.

2.What are Cookies?

Cookies are small data files that the Website writes on hardware of the Users when they access the Website, which are used to recognize the Users’ access history, etc. Cookie information is exchanged via Users’ browser. By using Cookies, it allows for more user-friendly services in the website such as keeping the past purchase history or the Users account information in detail. Cookies are also used to distribute targeting advertisements by using access history.

(1)First-party and third-party Cookies

Cookies belong to a domain specified in advance. First-party Cookies mean Cookies that are issued by the domain of the Company. Third-party Cookies are Cookies that are issued by the domain of a third party other than the Company.

(2)Session Cookies and persistent Cookies

Cookies can be classified into "Session Cookies" and "Persistent Cookies" in accordance with their expiry period. Session Cookies are temporary and automatically deleted when you leave a website or close your browser. Persistent Cookies are saved for a certain period until they expire or are deleted from the browser.

3.Cookies Used in this Website

The following types of Cookies are used in this Website.

(1)Mandatory Cookies

Mandatory Cookies refer to Cookies essential in using the services and functions provided in this Website and enables this Website to keep functioning optimally for higher security and convenience. You can disable or delete these Cookies by changing the setting of your browser. However, please note in advance that, in that case, some pages of this Website or its services may not work properly.

(2) Performance Cookies

Performance Cookies collect information on usage of this Website and access information by the Users. These Cookies are used to properly understand the Users’ transmission status such as the pages the Users visit, how long they stay in each page, and any troubles in error messages, and to eventually improve the functionality of this Website.
This Website uses third-parties services such as Google Analytics to analyze the usage by the Users, and uses these Cookies to improve the performance thereof. Please refer to the Google Analytics support page for handling of data.

(3)Targeting Cookies

Targeting Cookies are Cookies used for marketing purposes, such as content personalization or targeting advertisement. These Cookies record access logs of the Website, your profiles upon login and so on. By using these Cookies in this Website, the Users’ profile may be used for third parties’ advertisement services in association with access logs of other websites.

4.Setting of Cookies by Users

(1)Browser setting

The Users may change the Cookie settings of their browsers whether enabling or disabling them. The Users may also delete Cookies from their terminals through their browser. For details, please refer to the support page of each browser.

[Setting method on various browsers (examples)]

The User may disable Cookie used in the Website via the above browser settings. However, please note in advance that disabling Cookies may impact the performance in the Website. The Company does not owe any responsibility for the impact the Users may have caused by changing the settings, unless arising from the Company’s negligence or willful misconduct.

(2) Selections on the "Detailed cookie settings" menu

The Company provides a function whereby Users can set whether to allow or disable cookies for themselves. For details, please refer to the "Cookie Preferences" of the applicable website.

5.Revision of this Cookie Policy

The Company will notify the Users upon revision, improvement, or other changes to the Cookie Policy on the Website following changes to laws and social conditions, etc.

6.Help Desk for Inquiries on the Cookie Policy

Contact the following help desk for inquiries regarding the Cookie Policy:

Help Desk for Inquiries about the Cookie Policy: JREFU Hotel Management & Consulting Co., Ltd
Address: No. 133, Sec.3, Nanjing E. Rd., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City, 10487, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Email address: info@metropolitan.tw 
Business hours (Taipei Standard Time): 10.:00 - 17.:00 (closed on weekends and public holidays under Taiwanese laws)