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Where tranquility meets brilliance.


The vibrant city air. Traditions passed down through the ages. A deeply-rooted food culture.
In cherishing the beauty and richness of each region and season, Metropolitan Hotels lets you explore local communities and cultures through their food.

Discover unforgettable cuisine

Enjoy the richness of each region and nourish your soul, with local specialties and ingredients served on elegant, carefully selected tableware.
Come take part in a meal sure to delight not only your palate, but also your eyes and spirit.
With close attention paid to the technique and presentation of each dish, our master chefs offer a taste of excitement that will leave you with memories to last a lifetime.


Exceptional locations right next to the station.
Our detailed and dedicated services ensure a comfortable travel experience
for our guests throughout their stay.

Travel, lightly.

We all seek to get the most from our travels.
To achieve this, we must first free ourselves from bulky luggage and the hassles of getting around.
Upon arriving at the station, you can safely store your heavy luggage with us and be on your way.
With nothing holding you back, move lighter and freer throughout your journey.
Let us be your travel partner.


Escape from day-to-day routines in a classic bar
and lounge that offers the perfect time and space in which to unwind.

A moment of pure, total comfort.

Slowly savoring each minute,
awake to a truly unique space.

Whether it be a moment alone in a space you love or time spent with friends,
family or that special someone, here,
you will find a place to let loose and fully relax.
Experience life just as it was meant to be.


From weddings and anniversaries to various celebratory occasions,
we promise to be by your side for each of those momentous events that mark our lives.

Come together for life's special moments.

A celebration of heartfelt smiles and unforgettable memories.
Experience the joy of life's milestones in a place both intimate
and refined as you are surrounded by the warmth of the people you love.
For memories that stand the test of time.


For those special parties and banquets, gather with friends and family for exquisite meals in luxurious surroundings.

Experience it all again, here.

A perfect option for class reunions,
family dinner parties, gatherings with friends
and colleagues or other special occasions.

People of all ages, occupations and backgrounds,
can spend quality time here, together.
Reconnect with old friends and close acquaintances over a delicious meal.
Both laughter and tears are part of life's happy moments.


Take a stroll around town, while exploring local seasonal activities and traditional crafts. We will make sure you fully enjoy your travels by introducing the local area.
Let our hotel be the place that connects you to the region.

Discover the local people, food, town and culture.

Finally go to that festival you've been meaning to see. Immerse yourself fully in the local culture. Experience the deep history of the region.
We hope that the conversations you have with the people you meet will bring a smile to your face and added joy to your journey.
Whether visiting beautiful shops hidden in town or retracing the steps of your favorite novel,
lose yourself in unforgettable travel memories.
May the excitement of your journey today lead to new adventures tomorrow.


With decor inspired by local culture and the seasons and music and lighting to brighten the surrounding space,
we offer hospitality in gorgeous settings that will elevate your travels.

Take in the unknown, begin your journey.

The allure of music welcomes you.
Delicate scents relax your mind. Natural patterns call out from the surrounding landscape.
Feel your journey begin with all 5 sense as your spirit takes flight.
As you focus your senses on all around you,
you discover the elegance and quality in each detail and the local spirit that infuses the air.
Stretching back, a sense of belonging overcomes you.


We are dedicated to recognizing and ensuring the needs of all our customers are met.
We promise to provide an experience in quality.
and delight through heartful hospitality with a personal touch

Devoted service to all our guests.

Culture, lifestyles, travel tendencies
and tastes slowly change with each passing generation.
We are deeply grateful to our many guests for their patronage over the years and all the experiences we have shared.
Going forward, we will continue to provide the most dedicated services through our hotels so you can treasure your time spent with us.
We promise to be a hotel that lives on in the hearts of our guests and make them happy they chose Metropolitan.