JR-East Hotels (hereinafter "company", "we", "us", "our") has established the following Terms of Service (hereinafter "Terms") concerning the use of its online reservation services (hereinafter "service(s)") provided on the websites of the company and JR Hotel Members affiliated hotels (hereinafter "website(s)").

Article 1 (Definitions)

The terminology included in each section of these Terms are defined as follows.

  1. "JR-East Hotels" refers to the organization made up of the hotels managed by East Japan Railway Company and its corporate group. This operation is represented and administered by Nippon Hotel Co., Ltd.
  2. "JR Hotel Members" refers to the organization made up of the affiliated hotels managed by East Japan Railway Company, Nippon Hotel Co., Ltd., Hotel Metropolitan Takasaki, Hotel Metropolitan Nagano, Sendai Terminal Building Co., Ltd., Morioka Terminal Building Co., Ltd., Akita Station Building Co., Ltd., Tokky Company, JR East Tohoku Sogo Service Co., Ltd., Hotel New Grand, JR Kyushu Hotels, Kokura Terminal Building Co., Ltd., JR Tokai Hotels, West Japan Railway Hotel Development Ltd., Hotel Granvia Osaka, Hotel Granvia Okayama, Hotel Granvia Hiroshima, Wakayama Terminal Building Co., Ltd., Nara Hotel, and Amagasaki Hotel Development Ltd. (hereinafter "affiliated hotels"). This operation is represented and administered by Nippon Hotel Co., Ltd.
  3. "User(s)" refers to guests who stay at an affiliated hotel through use of our services.
  4. "Online reservations" refers to reservations made by users through use of our services for accommodation at an affiliated hotel.

Article 2 (Service terms)

Only users who have consented to these Terms may use our services. Moreover, by making a reservation through use of our services, you are consenting to these Terms.

Article 3 (Completion of online reservations)

  1. Reservations, cancellations or changes (hereinafter "reservations, etc.") shall be considered complete when a confirmation email concerning the respective reservation, etc. is sent to the email address registered by the user from the affiliated hotel that has received said request for the respective reservation, etc. made by the user through use of our services.
  2. Reservations, etc. shall be concluded between the user and the affiliated hotel concerned.

Article 4 (Fees, etc.)

No fees shall be charged for use of this service. However, fees for accommodation, cancellations, etc. related to reservations, etc. will be charged according to rates determined by the affiliated hotel concerned.

Article 5 (User responsibility)

  1. When using our services, users must ensure that the required information is accurate and must register according to the designated procedures. Multiple or fabricated registrations are not permitted, regardless the reason.
  2. Users shall act in accordance with these Terms and accepted technical rules, morals, and manners for internet usage and are prohibited from the following actions:
    (1) To transmit or write harmful computer programs, etc.;
    (2) To transmit or write third party information, etc.;
    (3) To use website content or services for commercial purposes;
    (4) To engage in any action that violates the law; and
    (5) To conduct any action that the affiliated hotels deem inappropriate
  3. Users, who in violation of the preceding clause, cause damage to the company, affiliated hotels, or third parties shall be liable for said damages.

Article 6 (Personal information)

The company and affiliated hotels will handle personal information obtained from users through use of the services in a fair and legal manner and based on the privacy policy that has been established separately.

Article 7 (Suspension of services, etc.)

The company reserves the right to suspend use of all or a portion of the services without prior notice in any of the following cases.

(1) To maintain, inspect, or repair systems related to the services
(2) When the operation of services becomes difficult due to the threat or occurrence of natural disasters, war, public disturbances, internal conflicts, or other emergencies
(3) When the company deems it necessary to stop the system due to issues related to the website and system's operation

Article 8 (Revision, cancellation of services, etc.)

The company reserves the right to revise, suspend, or cancel use of the services without prior notice when deemed necessary or unavoidable. The company bears no responsibility for any damages to the user resulting from this.

Article 9 (Revision of Terms)

The company reserves the right to revise these Terms without the users' consent. The publication of said revisions on the website shall be considered as notification thereof, and these revisions shall take effect when the user has accessed the website and viewing of said revisions is deemed possible.

Article 10 (Governing law)

These Terms shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Japan

Article 11 (Jurisdiction)

In the event of a dispute between the company (including affiliated hotels) and user(s) concerning the services, the district court at the location where the concerned company, or affiliated hotels, is found shall be the agreed court with exclusive jurisdiction.

Article 12 (Enactment of this agreement)

These Terms are effective as of January 9, 2013.