Making a Reservation

Enter your desired conditions into the search field, and the corresponding facilities and plans will be displayed. When you are satisfied with your reservation, you will have the option to select add-ons such as breakfast, and then to view your total amount. Finally, you will be able to confirm your reservation.

Inquiries, Cancellations, and Changes to Reservations

To review your reservation, you can find all information by clicking "Reservation Confirmation, Changes, Cancellations,"and clicking the button of the desired reservation number.

【JR Hotels Members】

Please enter your email and password, and log in to proceed.


Please enter your reservation number and email address to confirm your reservation


Changing registration information for JR Hotels Members

TTo check or change your user information, please log in at the "JR Hotel Members' Login" page, and go to "change or confirm customer information."Unfortunately we cannot accept requests to change your information via email or contact form, so we must request you to manually input any changes yourself. We thank you for your understanding.

Changing registration information

Terms of Service

The following terms of service apply to online reservations. Please familiarize yourself with the contents before making your reservation.

Terms of Service

Frequently Asked Questions

About Reservations

  • Can I make a reservation via email?
  • We apologize for the inconvenience, but at present we cannot accept reservations by email.
  • Are there restrictions on the number of rooms that can be booked, or on how many nights I can book them for?
  • Restrictions may apply, depending on the hotel. For more information, please contact your desired hotel directly.
  • Can I make a same-day reservation?
  • Yes. Even when there are no open rooms displayed online, you may be able to make a same-day reservation if you contact the hotel directly.
  • How can I confirm, change, or cancel my reservation?
  • Using the reservation site, access the page of the hotel at which you made your reservation. There, you can select the option to confirm, change, or cancel your reservation at the top of the screen.
  • Can I combine discounts?
  • Unfortunately not. On days where our internet reservation system displays discounted prices, we cannot accept other additional discounts.

About JR Hotel Memberships

  • Can I register as a member online?
  • We accept hotel membership applications only at the front desk and the restaurants in the hotels. However, if you make room reservations from our official websites, you can send us the application form in advance.
    See the detail forJR HOTEL MEMBERS


  • About reservation inquiries
  • Please check the inquiry list, and contact the hotel directly.
  • Is there an admission fee or membership dues required to become a JR Hotel Member?
  • No, it's free.
  • When can I get JR Hotel Member's points?
  • Points are awarded on the day of checkout, or at noon on the day following your visit to one of our restaurants.
  • Can I use a transportation or IC card other than Suica to enroll?
  • You can register your membership using any designated transpor IC card. You can also register as a member using Mobile Suica.
  • The number on the back of my IC card that I used as my membership number was changed. What should I do?
  • You can change your membership number at your hotel's front desk. Just notify the hotel of the change to your membership card. JR Hotel Membership points will carry over to the new card.
  • I enrolled at the front desk of my hotel, but I cannot complete my "initial registration" on the official reservation site.
  • Initial registration is a procedure verifying online the information you gave at the front desk of your hotel. Please check for any discrepancies. Click here for the initial registration page on our website.
    discrepancies. Click here for the initial registration page on our website.
  • Can I change my membership information (password, etc)?
  • Members who have made their initial registration online can change their membership information on "My Page," accessed by logging in and going to "confirm or change customer information."