Initiatives for Contributing to Local Communities and Society

By combining the strengths of the JR East Group in the real world and the digital world, we aim to enhance the attractiveness and the revitalization of local communities through people-oriented thinking in line with changes in lifestyles and work styles.
In addition, through participation in local activities and in cooperation with local governments and other companies, we hold fairs and events using local ingredients every year to disseminate information as a base for local tourism and to revitalize the region.

  1. Japan-Taiwan Friendship "Blood Donation Charity Event"
  2. Contributing to local communities through railway-related measures
  3. Collaboration with local governments and other companies to promote local food products
  4. Holding fairs and events using local ingredients
  5. Participation in various community activities
  6. Environmental Activities Initiatives

Japan-Taiwan Friendship "Blood Donation Charity Event"

Hotel Metropolitan Premier Taipei held a blood donation event on July 25th, aiming to establish close connections with the community and contribute to society. This event has become a special annual commemoration for the hotel, and this year marks its second edition. Hotel casts, neighboring residents, and enthusiastic representatives from nearby businesses, all passionate about philanthropy, joined forces in this blood donation event, establishing a warm and caring atmosphere. In appreciation of all participants, the hotel prepared special custom-made Mount Fuji red bean buns and food & beverage discount vouchers for every participants. A total of16,000milliliters of blood was donated to the Taipei Blood Donation Center through this event, uniting efforts to applaud acts of kindness and compassion!

Contributing to local communities through railway-related measures

Since 2022 marks the 150th anniversary of the start of railways in Japan, we have implemented a number of railway-related measures in collaboration with JR East stations and other companies.

By hosting events and fairs at hotels, lodging houses and restaurants, as the JR East Group, we hope to enliven the celebrations commemorating the 150 anniversary of the inauguration of the railway and the Shinkansen Year 2022, revitalizing the local stations and their surrounding areas, starting with creating opportunities for children and families who love trains to learn about the history and operations and services of the railroad.

In 2023, we will continue to sell train simulator rooms and station employee experience plans in cooperation with stations.

Collaboration with local governments and other companies to promote local food products

“Yoneyama Princess”* rice, certified by Kashiwazaki City, Niigata Prefecture, was served at our restaurants.

■Date: Wednesday, February 1, 2023 - approximately 1.5 months
■Through a tie-up between Nippon Hotel Co., Ltd., Kashiwazaki City, and Bridge Nigata Ltd. (promotion commissioned by Kashiwazaki City), four hotels served "Yoneyama Princess," certified rice from Kashiwazaki City, and received many comments from customers saying just how delicious it was.

In addition to allowing customers to enjoy foods and ingredients that are not usually available in the market, this initiative aims to revitalize local communities by expanding sales channels for local foods and promoting industry and the economy.

Yoneyama Princess: Kashiwazaki certified rice, now in its fifth year of harvest, exceeded 20 tons for the first time this fiscal year.

Views of each hotel

Holding fairs and events using local ingredients

Our company and Aizuwakamatsu City signed a comprehensive agreement on the revitalization of local industries in 2009 and a partnership agreement on tourism in 2015, and we hold an annual fair. We serve dishes made with ingredients rich in natural blessings. In the lobby, we display Aizu lacquerware and traditional crafts of Aizu. Through such events, we introduce history and culture close to our daily lives.
*As Aizuwakamatsu City and Sado City have concluded an agreement on cooperation and collaboration since 2020, we are also holding the Aizu-Sado Fair.

Interview with the Mayor of Aizuwakamatsu City, Mr. Muroi

-Since the agreement was first signed, we have held fairs and events at the hotel every year for about 13 years, and they have been very popular with our customers. What do you think of this, Mayor Muroi?
Since the Great East Japan Earthquake, Aizu products have been the subject of rumors, but I am very grateful for the opportunity to promote them at hotel events.
In addition, in cooperation with tourism promotion activities not only for this city, but also for the 17 municipalities in Aizu region, the hotel lobby is able to disseminate tourism information through the display of Akabeko toys and lacquerware, the distribution of leaflets, etc., and I feel that this is leading to the attraction of tourists from Japan and overseas.
Furthermore, as a result of our continuous efforts over the past 13 years, we are very pleased to hear that many repeat visitors have come to the events, looking forward to the fresh vegetables, alcohol, and food of Aizu.

Aizuwakamatsu City is also implementing various SDGs initiatives. Could you introduce them to us?
As for the city’s SDGs initiatives, we believe that promoting community development based on The 7th General Plan of Aizuwakamatsu City itself contributes to the promotion of SDGs.
To this end, we are working to raise public awareness of the SDGs by presenting them in an easy-to-understand manner so that citizens and businesses can take a closer look at them and put them into practice with the aim of creating a sustainable society. Specific measures include local production for local consumption, smart agriculture, and promotion of measures against global warming.

Going forward, our company will continue to disseminate information as a foundation to support regional tourism and work toward regional revitalization and achievement of the SDGs, so, what are your expectations of our company?
We would like to ask you to continue promoting tourism by utilizing Aizu region’s food, agricultural products, and traditional crafts through fairs and events.
We would like the customers to come to Aizu again and enjoy the real Aizu.

Interview with “Aizu no Beko no Chichi” maker, Aizu Chuou Nyugyou Co., Ltd.

Aizu Chuou Nyugyou’s “Beko no Chichi” products are served at hotel fairs and events.
We talked to Mr. Nihei, the senior managing director of the company that will be the producer of the products.

-What kind of work do you do?
At the foot of Mt. Bandai, we use milk collected from dairy farmers to produce dairy products that bring out the flavor of raw milk to the fullest while adhering to each process* of materials, inspection, and production methods. *By sterilizing at 85°C for 15 minutes, the natural sweetness of the ingredients is brought out.

-How do you feel about your relationship with our company?
We have been offering our products at fairs and events since 2009. Thanks to that, we now receive many comments from customers on SNS, via word-of-mouth, etc. such as “I ate your product on the hotel menu and it was extremely delicious,” and we are very grateful.

-Please say something to our customers.
We make products with the highest priority on “delivering ‘safe,’ ‘reliable,’ and ‘delicious’ dairy products to customers while keeping delicious products made by producers.” Please come and visit Aizu once!

Interview with “Aizu Ganko Mai” seller, Yamamoto Corporation

The hotel uses “Ganko Mai” rice from Yamamoto Corporation, and we asked the company’s president, Mr. Yamamoto, and sales manager, Mr. Sato, about its characteristics.

-What kind of work do you do?
(President Yamamoto) For more than 100 years since our founding in 1904, we have been helping farmers in Aizu grow and sell rice. As a total agricultural consulting service, we provide quality control, including cultivation guidance, and work closely with farmers to grow delicious rice.

-How do you feel about your relationship with our company?
(President Yamamoto) We have been working with you for a long time since 2008, and you have been promoting our local ingredients. This has been very rewarding for us and the local farmers.

-“Ganko Mai” rice is used in our hotels. Please give a message to our customers.
(President Yamamoto) Farmers in Aizu tend to be taciturn and stubborn. But they are still warm-hearted. I would like all of you to enjoy “Ganko Mai,” the rice carefully made by farmers in Aizu, and the natural blessings of Aizu.

Participation in various community activities

Kawasaki SDGs Gold Partner acquisition

Each hotel participates in community activities and opens stalls at events to promote community revitalization in cooperation with local residents.
At the request of Kawasaki City, Hotel Metropolitan Kawasaki held a school study at Higashi-Ogura Elementary School (Saiwai-ku, Kawasaki City) as a Kawasaki SDGs Gold Partner, on the theme of the hotel’s efforts on SDGs, and we learned the importance of SDGs together while interacting with elementary school students. In the exchange of opinions, we also discussed the theme of the “joy of working” in the SDGs, such as “why I chose the hotel profession.”

Conversations between children and hotel staff

(Children) Why did you choose this occupation?
(Hotel staff) Through volunteer activities at welfare facilities when I was a student, I learned about the joy of being involved with various people, and I wanted to talk to various customers, so I chose a job at a hotel.

(Children) I like Disney and I admire its cast. I’m also very interested in hotels.
(Hotel staff) I’m very happy to hear that you’re interested in hotels. I also wanted to find a job where I could use my English because of my study abroad experience, so I chose a job in a hotel. There are guests from various countries in the hotel, so it’s very fun to meet them.

Activities of each hotel

  • At Michi no Eki (Roadside Station) Kasama, we sold hotel-made sweets using chestnuts from Kasama. Kasama support ambassador Iwasaki, our Executive Chef, also attended the event and interacted with lots of people in the area.

  • We participated in an event sponsored by WATERS takeshiba, a complex of hotels, offices, stores, theaters, and other facilities, and sold hotel amenities. The event was well received by guests, local residents, and customers of the Shiki Theatre as a place for local exchange.

  • Hotel Metropolitan Kamakura staff conducted a local cleanup.

  • We are working to revitalize local communities by participating in and sponsoring events such as Takasaki Noh and Takasaki Bar.

Lecture on Meals & Table Manners & SDGs

Eating well and thinking about the Earth, the environment, and the future

Hotel Metropolitan Edmont offers a full course meal of authentic French cuisine using “sustainable food*” that is friendly to both the earth and people, so that by our customers becoming more familiar with and achieving a deeper understanding of sustainable food, we hope to bring them a new awareness in their daily lives.
We are also working to create opportunities for students to experience SDGs initiatives through table manners, creative cooking, and lectures on SDGs by our executive chef.

* Foods produced in consideration of the environment, such as soil and water pollution, climate change, etc., and foods selected in consideration of the environmental impact of the production process.

Questionnaires received from participating students

  • The quality of the food was such that it was hard to believe it was an SDGs course meal. I felt happy eating it.

  • When we made our own plate, we were trying to force the connection to SDGs, but this dish was designed to maximize the deliciousness of the ingredients while keeping SDGs in mind.

  • I was surprised at the unexpected combination of ingredients. It’s fun to look at, and I think it’s a dish that makes you want to eat it and make you smile.

  • Participation in “Tokyo Ekimachi Operation Kirapika”

    The Tokyo Ekimachi Kirapika Operation is a cleanup campaign initiated in 2002 by the Tokyo Station City Management Council, a general incorporated association, with the aim of “welcoming customers at stations that are both clean and comfortable.”
    Under the name of the Tokyo Ekimachi Kirapika Operation, a voluntary cleanup activity that brings the station and the city together, JR East Tokyo Station and related businesses gather twice a year at Tokyo Station, where many customers use the station on a daily basis.

    • Tokyo Station Hotel

    • Hotel Metropolitan Marunouchi